Tribal Evolution is a Tribal Improv-based performance company with a fusion flair. The company is currently performing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Tribal Evolution is a wonderful group of ladies who have varying dance backgrounds and experience that come together to create, fuse and be inspired by their fellow dancer's energy and dance expertise. They create their own brand of tribal fusion by starting off with a Tribal Improv base and adding inspiration from many other styles of dance. Their shows are unique because of this blend of "old school" Tribal Improv and newly infused tribal stylings.

Tribal Evolution is inspired by many great artists across the country, but especially Fat Chance BellyDance, The Indigo, Kami Liddle, Unmata, NOmadic Tribal, Anaya Tribal, Blue Lotus Tribe, Jill Parker and Sera Solstice. To these individuals and groups, we give our appreciation for their inspiration that enables us to create and live within this dance form. ~ Thank You!